• Boundary Surveys: We perform accurate property surveys of both small and large tracts of land.  We will mark lines as well, if the property owner requests it.
  • ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys:  We perform this type of detailed survey usually for real estate transactions dealing with commercial property.  We spend time researching all easements and title transfers to insure your survey is correct.
  • Construction Staking:  We perform stake outs for grading, utilities, wall, buildings, roads, curbing, columns, foundations, detention ponds or any other feature on a construction site.  We record field data and communicate progress to keep your construction project moving.
  • As Built Surveys:  We perform this type survey to locate all visible improvements to a property as well as location of the boundary.  This is usually done postconstruction or for a real estate transaction.
  • Topographic Surveys:  We perform this type survey for design.  We show contours, elevations, ditches, water, and anything which may affect your project.  We always provide construction benchmarks.
  • Tree Surveys:  We perform a location of all trees on a property whether for a private homeowners asso. or a municipality.
  • Route Surveys/Utility Surveys:  We perform accurate as built and topographic information for design.  We perform staking for construction.   Also, we provide right of way acquisition plats for easements.
  • Subdivisions:  We perform subdivisions of land.  Whether it be a small three lot divide or a large residential or commercial development.
  • Wetland Surveys: We perform wetland surveys after a property has been delineated.  We can put this information on a plat for reference.
  • Mortgage Loan/Closing Surveys:  We perform accurate surveys of small residential or commercial properties for real estate closings.
  • Conservation Easements/Equestrian Farm Surveyrs:  We work closely with local officials when platting conservation easements or equestrian easements.
Having been in business for over 10 years, and having over 15 years of experience, I've done many different types of surveys.  I have a vast array of experience and I consider no project too large or too small.  Your project is important to me and your satisfaction is my number one goal.  My business is made up of mainly repeat customers and I would like for you to become one of them.